Datca - Selimiye - Bozborun

This tour takes you to the Aegean Region of Turkey from Marmaris to Datca peninsula.
Along the way there are numerous opportunities to swim and snorkel.

Tour 2:
Marmaris - Datca - Marmaris

Day 1
Upon boarding the yacht you will be greeted by the crew. We will inform you about your Blue voyage. Welcoming and dinner on board. After dinner you will be free to discover the lovely port of Marmaris or visit a local night club on one of the wide harbor in Marmaris. Overnight in Marmaris.

Day 2
After having breakfast cruise to unspoiled bays of Arap Adasi, where you can snorkel and swim around to explore. After that, you will head towards Serce Limani, where the ruins of the ancient city of Kasara are situated and the rocks at the entrance will give you the impression of a gate. Overnight in Serce Limani.

Day 3
After having a hearty breakfast you will cruise to Kargi Bay, which is the nearest bay to Datca. Late afternoon you'll travel to the peninsula Datca, where you will have the chance to explore the pleasant little village of Datca itself. And although enjoy the scenic views. Overnight in Datca.

Day 4
After having breakfast in Datca we'll travel towards Aktur, where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling. After lunch heading on for Dislice island and Bencik Limani, which is at the narrowst part of the peninsula. It will be a great pleasure to explore these bays and inlets in all their lovely blues and greens. Overnight next to Robinson Club.

Day 5
After breakfast, your captain will take you to experience the most beautiful fishing villages Selimiye, where you'll be able to see some remnants of a castle on the islet in the middle of the bay. In Orhaniye don't miss to walk on the 600 m long Kiz Kumu, which splits the bay in two. If you see people walking, you might think that they are miraculously walking on the surface of the sea instead. Overnight in Dirsekbükü bay.

Day 6
After having a hearty breakfast in Dirsekbükü we'll travel to the village of Bozburun, which is famous for its traditional gulets construction. After lunch cruising towards Bozukkale a natural and historical harbour, which has been called Loryma in antiquity. If you are interested in history, you can wander around this ancient city. Overnight in Bozukkale-Loryma.

Day 7
After having breakfast, cruise leisurely to Ince Ada Bay, known by the local people as Gerbe Bay, where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling, before heading back to Marmaris port. Overnight in Marmaris port.

Day 8
After having breakfast you'll leave the gulet with our hopes to see you again and we wish you a pleasant journey homeward. See you soon!

Blue voyage reserves the right to change the programs due to unfavorable weather and navigational conditions. Excursions are optional.