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The journey of your life - the encounter with your true nature

The encounter and connection with your true nature.

19th - 26th September 2020

In our fast-paced life, we run the risk of losing our true nature. Many people suffer from serious illnesses, mental suffering and a lack of lightness and energy at many levels.

How do we rediscover joy, wonder and get in balance?

How do we solve our suffering and bring hope, trust and ease in our daily life?

How do we leave the functioning behind us, consciously connect with our inner wisdom, begin to recognize our precious lifetime and live joyfully our true nature?

Allow yourself a special break away from your everyday life. Allow yourself to truly meet, to hear the call of your heart and give your life a direction that you have always longed for. Experience yourself completely new in a beautiful natural landscape, surrounded by sun, sea, silence and space.

The exclusive yacht cruise in the southern Aegean, accompanied by me personally, is an excellent opportunity for you to let go your heavy contaminated sites in a small group, and get back into your inner compass. You can feel in you, who you are at the essence and open your mind for the gifts in your life.

This special journey makes you free again for more joy, passion, trust, more energy, freedom, fulfillment and LOVE. Allow yourself the opportunity to be widen yourself, being more powerful, more alive than you have been in the past.

After this week, you will not only feel deeply refreshed, you will also return home physically, mentally and spiritually strengthened.

A Great Holiday for a Lifetime aboard of Crewed Luxury Gulet Yacht Princess Funda

Services during the journey of your life:

  • One-week stay on the yacht
  • Including full board (breakfast, lunch, 5 o'clock tea-time, dinner, still water
  • Use of the yacht and its facilities
  • Accomodation in double cabins, bed linen and final cleaning
  • A personally holistic connection treatment ca. 1 hour and 30 minutes (value EUR 200.-)
  • Fuel for the yacht, port fees in Turkish waters
  • Transfer from the airport (only in case of joint arrival / departure of the group members) 

Not Included: Flights, beverages, excursions such as Hamam visit, as well as tips for the crew.

The number of participants is limited to 8 people because of the personal accompaniment in a small group.

Your investment for the journey to your true nature on aboard of exclusive Princess Funda Yacht with the above great services:

EUR 1460.-

Polarity Therapy I Body and Soul Work by Beyhan Yücel Wechsler I Praxis Wesenskern
Beyhan Yücel Wechsler I The Journey of Your Life - The connection with your trueself- Wesenskern
Beyhan I Travel manager I Team of Exclusive Yacht Princess Funda
Activities I Hiking by Princess Funda Yacht I Enjoy the unique breathtaking view of coastal landscape in Turkey

Beyhan Yücel Wechsler

My gift is the true encounter and the connection with the inner core. I can feel deeply into the hearts of my fellow human beings, perceive them holistically and can connect with their essence - their soul.

I bring you in touch with yourself, your truth, your liveliness, your strength, your lightness and your love. You will recognize your inner compass,  your true nature and continue your further life's journey with joy, enthusiasm, trust and love.



The Connection with your true nature by Praxis Wesenskern I Beyhan Yücel Wechsler I Polarity Therapy
A Time-out for you and your needs aboard of Luxury Yacht Princess Funda

Are you ready for your precious life and your true nature?

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