Göcek - Kas - Kekova

Tour along the Lycian coast to the sunken city of Kekova.
Also worth seeing are the rock tombs of Myra and the Church of Saint Nicolas.

Tour 3:
Marmaris - Fethiye - Göcek - Kalkan - Kas - Gökkayalar - Marmaris

Day 1
Upon boarding the yacht you will be greeted by the crew. We will inform you about your Blue voyage. Welcoming and dinner on board. After dinner you will be free to discover the lovely port of Marmaris or visit a local night club on one of the wide harbor in Marmaris. Overnight in Marmaris.

Day 2
After breakfast on board you will begin cruising to Ekincik which is surrounded by green pine woods. Enjoy swimming in its crystal clear waters. Dinner will be served at Semizce Bay. Overnight at Ekincik Bay.

Day 3
After having breakfast, fisherman's boat takes your from your yacht up to ancient city of Caunos along a very shallow channel. After visiting the Caunos ruins, Lycian tombs, hot springs and Greek temples, you will also have the chance to take a mud bath. Or you enjoy the day at the wide beach Iztuzu, where the giant turtle Caretta Caretta lay their eggs. Lunch will given at river restaurant in Dalyan.

Day 4
After a hearty breakfast, we'll take you to Gemiler Island (Ship's Island). After dropping anchor you'll explore the historical side of the island. Sights of the Byzantine ruins with their mosaic floors, cemetery and churches are some of the magnificent side of the Gemiler island. Late afternoon cruise into the bays of world-famous Fethiye-Olüdeniz, which is covered in pine trees and surrounded by mountains. Olü Deniz derives its name from its tranquility. In this beautiful blue lagoon take your time and enjoy the scenic view or do water-sport activities (couples jet-ski adventure).

Day 5
Cruise leisurely from Olüdeniz–Blue Lagoon to Kalkan with it's narrow winding streets lined with souvenir shops lead down to the charming marina. Breakfast will be served at Yesilköy Limani. We leave Kalkan to head towards ancient city of Kas, where you can experience a mixture of turkish, greek an roman cultures. Overnight in Kas.

Day 6
After breakfast heading along the coastline and take the opportunity to explore plenty of fabulous bays within Kekova, which houses the remains of "sunken city" from an ancient civilization. You can swim and snorkel around to explore. After lunch we'll reach the ancient castle of Simena in Kaleköy. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, which is created by the blue of the sea and the green of the olive trees. You will leave this fabulous area of Kekova with pleasant memories that you will never forget. Cooking lessons from our cook. Overnight near Simena castle.

Day 7
Breakfast on board before heading towards the ancient city of Myra, where you can reach the church of St. Nicholas and Lycian rock tombs. Overnight in Salyangoz bay.

Day 8
After a hearty breakfast fishing lessons will be given from your crew, before heading back to Kalkan, which is a small quaint fishing village with traditional turkish atmosphere. Take your time to explore around. Kalkan is a great place from where you can visit the ruins of ancient Lycian cities as Patara, Letoon and Xanthos by minibus. Highlight of the day: Champagne at Patara while watching the sunset. Overnight in Kalkan.

Day 9
From Kalkan cruise to the bay of Turunc Pinari, where you can enjoy your free time snorkeling, windsurfing and swimming in crystal clear water. Sailing day within the fabulous surrounded bays.

Day 10
After breakfast we'll cruise to Fethiye. This small town offers you the largest Lycian rock tombs (the tomb of Amyntas, which become the symbol of Fethiye) in the area and good shopping facilities for carpets, kilims and weavings. You although have the opportunity to visit Kayaköy (a greek village ghost-town). Overnight in of the unspoiled bays in Fethiye.

Day 11
After breakfast your captain will take you to experience the most beautiful island and bays near Göcek. There are several island, both large and small which are situated within the Gulf of Fethiye, such as Göcek Adasi, Tersane Adasi, Yassica Adalari etc. Overnight at one of the quiet bays in Göcek.

Day 12
After breakfast take a chance to explore port of Göcek, one of the few places on earth that mariners can cruise throughout the year. In afternoon in addition to many island you'll also experience some of enchanting bays such as Ciftlik Koyu, Boynuz Bükü, Bedri Rahmi, Sarsala and Manastir. Depending on weather conditions, it can also be a sailing day. Your crew will show you some sailor knots. Overnight at Sarsala.

Day 13
After a leisurely breakfast cruise to one of the fabulous Manastir Koyu, which has been named by the local folks as "Cleopatra's Hamam". Enjoy your free time snorkeling, windsurfing and swimming. Watch the show of your crew. Overnight in Manastir Bay.

Day 14
Lazy day. Enjoy your last day on board before going back home.

Day 15
After having breakfast at port Göcek or Marmaris , you'll leave the gulet with our hopes to see you again and we wish you a pleasant journey homeward. See you soon…

Blue voyage reserves the right to change the programs due to unfavorable weather and navigational conditions. Excursions are optional.