Gökova - Cleopatra - Knidos

This tour passes along the Aegean coast to Bodrum and back to Marmaris.

Tour 4:
Marmaris - Datca - Bodrum - Gökova Gulf - Hisarönü Gulf - Marmaris

Day 1
Upon boarding the yacht you will be greeted by the crew. We will inform you about your Blue voyage. Welcoming and dinner on board. After dinner you will be free to discover the lovely port of Marmaris or visit a local night club on one of the wide harbor in Marmaris. Overnight in Marmaris.

Day 2
After having breakfast cruise to unspoiled bays of Arap Adasi, where you can snorkel and swim around to explore. After that, you will head towards Serce Limani, where the ruins of the ancient city of Kasara are situated and the rocks at the entrance will give you the impression of a gate. Overnight in Serce Limani.

Day 3
After having a hearty breakfast you will cruise to Kargi Bay, which is the nearest bay to Datca. Late afternoon you'll travel to the peninsula Datca, where you will have the chance to explore the pleasant little village of Datca itself. And although enjoy the scenic views. Overnight in Datca.

Day 4 
After having breakfast in Datca we'll travel towards Palamut Bükü, where you can buy delicious almonds and honey from the local people. Late afternoon we'll travel to harbour of Knidos, which is the final bay along the Aegean seaboard. You can enjoy the sea and explore the ancient city of Knidos.

Day 5 
After a hearty breakfast cruise to Bodrum port, which was the harbor of the ancient city of Halicarnassos. Take your time to discover the lovely port of Bodrum and visit the Bodrum Castle, which will take you back hundred of years into the past. Bodrum offers countless opportunities for a night live until the crack of dawn. Bodrum is although world famous for the construction of turkish wooden gulets. Overnight in Bodrum.

Day 6 
After having breakfast we'll cruise along the coastline of Gökova Gulf. We will past Karaada (Black island), which is famous for its hot springs. There are wonderful photo opportunities. Enjoy the scenic view. Lunch will be served at Orak Adasi, where you can enjoy its crystal clear water which is a distinct pleasure.

Day 7 
After having breakfast we'll arrive in Cökertme Koyu, which is surrounded by pine woods and olive trees. Late afternoonn we'll travel to Akbük Limani, which is surrounded by forest and greens. Take your time to enjoy the beauty of Gökova, which is indescribable. Overnight at one of the Gökova bays.

Day 8 
After breakfast we'll head towards Sedir Adasi (Cleopatra's island), which is a place of marvelous beauty. Here you have the opportunity to wander the ancient city or enjoy swimming and snorkeling in crystal clear water. Sedir island is famous for its sandy beach. After lunch we'll travel to Karacasögüt Limani, the most renown point in the Gulf of Gökova, which offers you a breathtaking panoramic view.

Day 9 
After breakfast take a chance to further exploration of the beautiful bays of the Gulf of Gökova. Our next stop will be Degirmen Bükü, which has a number of coves surrounded by pine forests. After rounding Degirmen Bükü we'll cruise to Kargili Koyu, where you can swim and snorkel around to explore. Overnigt at one of the quiet bays in the Gulf of Gökova.

Day 10 
Breakfast in the bay of Gökova before heading towards Tuzla Koyu. It will be a pleasure to swim in its crystal clear water. After coming out of Tuzla Koyu we'll set a course for Yedi Adalar (seven islands of various sizes), where you can enjoy the breathtaking panoramic view, while drinking an espresso.

Day 11 
After breakfast, your captain will take you to experience Kücük Cati Koyu and Büyük Cati Koyu, which are surrounded by greenery on all sides. After lunch we'll cruise to Mersincik Limani, which is the final point after Körmen on Datca Peninsula. Overnight in Palamut Bükü.

Day 12 
After breakfast take a chance to further explore the beauty of the bays as well as their natural surroundings in the Gulf of Hisarönü, where you'll have a lot of time to swim and snorkel. Overnight at Dirsek Bükü.

Day 13 
After having a hearty breakfast in Dirsekbükü we'll travel towards Bozukkale a natural and historical harbour, which was called Loryma in antiquity. If you are interested in history, you can wander around this ancient city. After having lunch, cruise leisurely toward Marmaris. While passing the three beautiful coves, Ince Ada Bay, known by the local people as Gerbe Bay, you will see Ciflik and Kadirga Limani. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling, before heading back to Marmaris port. Overnight in Marmaris port.

Day 14 
After having breakfast in Marmaris port, you will leave the gulet with our hopes to see you again and we wish you pleasant journey homeward. Güle Güle!

Blue voyage reserves the right to change the programs due to unfavorable weather and navigational conditions. Excursions are optional.